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CareBundle Plastic-Free Baby Changing Pads

Introducing the First 100% plastic-free changing pads on the market

Did you know that North America alone produces over 600 thousand tons of Diapering Materials every year? A quarter million trees are cut to make that much pulp for the Diapering materials.

That’s why at CareBundle, we decided to take a step to help reduce the amount of trees cut and plastic disposed of at our landfills. We use bamboo which is considered one of the most sustainable plants and zero plastic in our baby changing pads.

So how can it be plastic-free and leakproof?

Glad you asked, we replaced the commonly used plastic layer with a layer made of PLA (Polylactic acid) that is derived from renewable material, such as corn starch. While many companies are sticking to the old way of petroleum based plastic products because it is cheap, CareBundle chose a greener and higher quality product to offer you.

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