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 Disposable Bamboo Baby Changing Pads 

The First Plastic Free Changing Pad

CareBundle has created an excellent way for you to care for the planet while caring for your baby, introducing our Bamboo Baby Changing Table Pads! Engineered from plant-based materials that are 100% plastic free and biodegradable, these changing pads biodegrade 500 times faster and offer a strong, super absorbent alternative to non-woven cotton pad liners while cradling your baby in cuddly softness.tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

PLASTIC FREE: Our baby diaper changing pads are the first in the market made from 100% plastic free materials, be a hero and save our planet from diapering waste.


ULTRA SOFT BAMBOO: Experience the premium sustainably harvested bamboo fibers providing an ultra-soft surface that allows your baby's diaper to be changed in cuddly comfort. 

Bamboo change pad liners are softer for your baby than the non-woven cotton products in today's industry.


EXTREMELY ABSORBENT MATERIAL: Using an super-absorbent plant based material blend in our changing pad liner ensures that your baby stays dry, naturally fresh and protected from both liquid and solid messes.


BIODEGRADABLE & LEAKPROOF: Featuring environmentally friendly organic materials in the creation of the biodegradable leak proof bottom layer on our waterproof changing pads keeps your changing table dry while helping the pads to biodegrade 500 times faster than other changing pads.


PORTABLE & DISPOSABLE: Pads fold up to compact size making them the perfect travel changing pads for diaper bags, they contain no added bleaches, harmful chemicals or dyes making them easy to dispose of. We use plant based paper material and eco-friendly ink for our recyclable packaging. 


Our waterproof diaper pads feature multiple layers of leak proof protection keep your surfaces dry while cleaning your little one

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CareBundle Bamboo Baby Changing Pads – 100% Plastic Free Disposable Diaper Changing Pad - Portable, Waterproof, Plant Based, Biodegradable, Recyclable

  • Zero Harmful Chemicals Added - Bamboo is naturally Hypoallergenic it requires no pesticides, no fertilizers and far less water to grow than other plants.

  • Zero Plastic is Fantastic - 100% Plastic Free Pads and recyclable packaging

  •  Natural and sustainable Bamboo viscose - smooth and gentle on your baby’s skin

  • Bamboo grows 30x faster than the average tree- Bamboo grows at an incredible rate making it one of the most sustainable plants

  • CareBundle cares for the planet- we have introduced the first 100% Plastic free changing pad to help limit diapering waste that ends up in our oceans.  The United States alone produces 82,000 tons of plastic to make diapering material. 

  • Maximum Absorbency - utterly absorbent blend and a biodegradable leak proof film made from plant-based material.

Take it everywhere- light and compact pad design making it the perfect fit for your daily use.

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