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Image by Eric BARBEAU

Our Story

Hi, we’re CareBundle. We’re based in Maryland, United States. We provide premium quality plastic free baby products. We’re fond of sustainability and we care about the environment, family, quality, creativity, impact, and innovation.



CareBundle was started with the mission to provide families with innovative and sustainable solutions that help make their lives easier. We understand the needs of parents who want to keep their babies healthy, safe, and comfortable in any environment. That's why we created bamboo disposable changing pads - no plastic, no harmful chemicals, just love and care. 


It all began when we noticed how much plastic waste was being created by traditional one-time use diaper products across the United States each year. This prompted the team to find a way to reduce this environmental footprint while still giving parents the convenience they need. After months of research and development, the long awaited CareBundle Plastic-Free Disposable Changing Pad was born! 


At CareBundle, we're passionate about providing premium quality diaper pads without compromising on convenience or comfort for parents or babies alike. With our innovative bamboo disposable absorbent pads, we're proud to be making a positive difference in the fight against plastic pollution while helping make life easier for busy families everywhere!

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