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Why Disposable Baby Changing Pads

What Is A Changing Pad?

A changing pad is another layer of cloth or cushion you lay on a diaper changing table or the area where you are changing your child’s diaper. It generally fulfills the function of providing comfort to your baby and ensuring the mattress underneath the pad remains clean

Benefits Of Using A Diaper Changing Pad

  • Protects all Surfaces From Diapering Mess

  • Maintains Nursery Room Cleanliness

  • Keeps Your Baby Comfortable

  • A Clean Pad Outdoors

  • Portable For Travels

Why CareBundle Baby Changing Pads?

CareBundle changing pads are 100% Plastic Free, made from bamboo( natural anti-allergen) safe, easy to dispose, and portable— the baby changing pad you are looking for.

Make a demanding parenting task easier to accomplish by having the right care tools. With CareBundle baby pads, no matter how often or wherever your baby takes a pee or poop, you are ready with a pad that will make the cleaning easy and efficient.

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