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Isn’t it just a pad?

CareBundle Bamboo Baby Changing Pads (100% Plastic Free)

The simple answer is NO, CareBundle disposable baby changing pads is not just a pad, it’s much more than that. It’s the first plastic-free pad, this is one of the many differences between CareBundle pads and other pads on the market.

You are not just buying a regular pad, you’re also helping in reducing your dependency on plastic products. The leak-proof layer that is usually manufactured of petroleum plastic is replaced with an environmentally-friendly layer made of plant based PLA (polylactic acid).

The pads even come in a 100% recyclable packaging, something that most brands on the market do not offer. You might ask yourself, is that it?

The answer, again, is NO. While using a plastic free product is great, here at CareBundle we wanted to ensure that the comfort of the baby is not compromised. That’s why we went with a Bamboo top layer, with softness comparable to silk, it was an easy choice. We also chose bamboo because it is sustainable and the process of manufacturing it is carbon-neutral or even carbon negative.

The top layer is not only soft and cuddly, it also functions as a first absorbent layer due to the high absorbency of bamboo. When compared to the many pads on the market, which use cotton, bamboo is more absorbent; in fact, it’s 4 times more absorbent than cotton.

Whether you are looking for the best product for your baby or you are an environmentally conscious parent, CareBundle Disposable Baby Changing pad is the right choice. You will get the benefit of protecting your diapering station from unexpected mess while also having a clear conscience that you are not contributing to the increasing pollution caused by diapering waste.

Join our mission along with parents looking for an environmentally friendly future for their little ones. Visit our Amazon Store to Learn More

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